Old Enfield

Old Enfield, Central Austin

This neighborhood defined by its history. The lush trees of Pease Park support the serenity of this beautiful sought after neighborhood. Old Enfield is bordered by West 24th St. north, Enfield Road south, Lamar Blvd. east and MoPac west. Old Enfield is best known for its small enclave of prestigious homes although the neighborhood truly encompasses condo projects and even rental apartments. In the upper end of this enclave one finds that many of the residents have lived in the neighborhood 25 years or longer and the very rare sale in this niche is often closed without ever listing in the public market. Young families are slowly purchasing in this enclave as its close proximity to downtown is so attractive. Many of the houses were built between 1910 and 1950 and although remodeled to feature the latest and greatest in modern conveniences, still continue to retain their nostalgic charm.

Spanning the eastern section of the neighborhood is the Shoal Creek Greenbelt, a large, natural forested area that stretches from north central Austin to Lady Bird Lake and contains a hike and bike trail. Within the neighborhood, the greenbelt expands into Pease Park, with many playing fields and grassy areas and an open leash area for dogs.


Hot spots: Westwood County Club

Outdoor attractions: Pease Park, Bailey Park, Shoal Creek Greenbelt

Schools these students attend: Casis Elementary, O’Henry Middle School, Austin High School

Average Home Pricing: $929,500 – $8,690,000


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